Experience the Stora Hammarsjö Region

Immediately outside the township of Hultsfred lies the nature reserve and fish conservation area known as Stora Hammarsjö. The region embraces an approximate total of 400 ha of water and includes about 30 lakes. <br/><br/>Fishing license + Hammarsjö spa + cottage

Two different licenses apply in the conservation area. One of these allows you access to all the lakes. But if you do not want to game fish, you can choose the lesser of the two licenses, giving you access to about 25 of the lakes. The area also contains nine cottages, ranging from simple cabins to large family homes. There is also a unique island cottage on its very own little island in Stora Hammarsjön. The cabins accommodate 4-8 people. What has hopefully been a successful fishing day can be rounded off in the hot tub at Hammarsjön Spa, situated right on the shore of the lake.

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